Banana shallot is a bulbous vegetable, elongated and swollen, copper coloured, and a member of the onion group Allium cepa (L.). It is also known as Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou.

It is cultivated on 80 hectares in the Upper Poitou, at a 10km distance from the town of Mirabeau (30km north of Poitiers).

The local soil is composed of clay and limestone.

Only one variety, known as the Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou, is grown in the cooperative. It is a local variety and maintained by the producers of the cooperative. The objective is to produce elongated bulbs with a copper colour and a regular shape. The seed is not for sale and therefore the variety is uniquely produced by CAFPAS.

The cooperative sells 3500 tons in the following size packages :

• 5kg cotton bags
• Girsac 1kg tray 60x40 housing 10 bags
• Girsac 500g tray 60x40 housing 20 bags
• Loose 5kg tray (tailed manually)



A certified production with the following labels :

• Global GAP
• ISO 9001
• Signé Poitou-Charentes

Communication tools

Recipe leaflets can be downloaded
- Fresh salad with banana shallot
- Tart with banana shallot confit
- Sole fillets with banana shallot mash
- Rabbit roulade with banana shallot confit.



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